Last show with Rob

Rob, during our gig at Stedsj

After moving to Amsterdam, Rob found it tough to keep rehearsing in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Therefore he decided to quit the band, a decision we understand. Alas, but there is one more show with this wild bearded man on washboard, and we shall make it a good one!

And who knows, this goodbye is not a farewell.. he might make a guest appearance on stage in the future.

See ya al at W2 on the House on November the 10th.


The Ammerzoden -gig was a blast: thank’s a lot for having us!
We’ve recorded a concert registration, the footage is now being gathered to make a live clip.
More info soon!


It was a bit quiet around us, but with good reason: Paul and Jacqueline have become the proud parents of Maddox!
The little rebel is doing fine, his parents exhausted but very happy.

New gigs are being planned as we speak. Our first is scheduled on March the 11th, wel’ll be playing at Graceland Bar-B-Q, Amsterdam.
On April the 8th, we’ll be filming our performance for a live video at the Sacred Heart Pub, Ammerzoden.

Stay tuned, more news will follow…