Death Roots Syndicate

Our song ‘Voodoo Lady‘ is featured on  Roots0110: The Death Roots Syndicate: Volume X.
11th compilation celebrating the 7 year anniversary of the kreation of Death Roots Syndicate. 2
hours and 15 minutes of Underground Country, Folk, Blues, Rock, Punk and Roots music from around the world.


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Artists include: 
Red Neckromancer, DeadwoodDrifters, Liar’s Trial, Skunk Ruckus, Chicken Diamond, Samm Bones, Suburban Drugdealers, Angry Zeta, Bansheerie / Mistwirler / Scrawny Scarecrow, Rock Bottom String Band, Heathen Apostles, Mad Dogs On The Cross, Jo Carley and The Old Dry Skulls
Burn in Hell, Hackit, Black TarPoon, Traveling Broke and Out of Gas,
Stumblin’ Gunnar, Carcass Brook, Johnny Unheimlich, Half Deaf Clatch,
Jim Strange Music, Steering Ships With Empty Bottles, Redmond Gully, 
JAMES HUNNICUTT, Trash Colapso outlaw scvmfvck one man band,
Dixie Dave Allen & Kayla Floyd, Bobby Dickson, Son Of Dirt, Dead Eye D’Arter, Giggy Sevens and MISS B.

The Death Roots Syndicate